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This project is currently under development.

The Project

The goal of this project was to create a simple recipe management system. It was made in Java using a Maven Project, and I learnt many new things while doing it, such as file handling (both reading and writing), using buffers more extensively, using the Collection interface and all its subinterfaces and subclasses, and by extension, using more generics than I had ever used in my life. This program, written over serveral class files, has the following highlights:


Export to PDF
The user can instruct the program to export any recipe to PDF. Internally, the recipe file is first converted from an unformatted .txt file to a formatted .md file, and then it is converted to .pdf which is ready for printing.
Search Engine
The user can search by recipe name, section name, ingredient name, time limitation, and keywords. Search Engine Commands:

Other inputs

After that, the user is prompted to mention the section where they want to store the recipe. A future version will allow unsectioned recipes.
After which the user enters the edit wizard as described below.

Editing a recipe
After the user opens a recipe, they can enter edit to enter the Edit Wizard (if the recipe was just created as described above, writing edit is not required), in which they can type the following commands:
A future version will allow the addition of multiple ingredients and steps at once.


After the user opens a recipe, they can type export to convert the recipe into a nicely formatted PDF with MarkDown style formatting for printing or other such uses.

External Maven Libraries Used

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